the Invasion of the Mobile GamesExtraTainment is the main source for the mobile and wireless industry for daily cartoon madness and exciting entertainment, such as single and multi-user, picture enhanced games and crazy animated content.

All ExtraTainment content is created utilizing a strong narrow bandwidth concept - a unique ExtraTainment invention -Recycle Dog on your Mobile and can therefore be transmitted even through low to medium speed GSM or GPRS networks, enabling a 3G experience over 2G networks at an early stage without the immediate need for high bandwidth networks.

Along and in parallel with the availability of 3G networks and higher bandwidths, ExtraTainment will offer more and richer content to satisfy customer needs.

The content created by ExtraTainment is not tied to language or culture and is truly global in scope. It is accessible on the ExtraTainment website as well as through the websites of our clients and partners.


ExtraTainment presents: Invasion of the Mobile Games
[ 12-11-2001 ]

Press Release ExtraTainment Launches games for mobile devices
[ 12-11-2001 ]

Nordic Messaging, Stockholm, Sweden
[ 21-11-2001 ]

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