About us

ExtraTainment was formed in 1999 to focus on the creation of entertainment content for fixed and mobile Internet. The company is privately held and privately financed mainly through Sky Venture Capital b.v., a Dutch-based venture capital firm founded in 1984. ExtraTainment's capital has recently been expanded to ensure future growth and to cover the exploration of a larger market. The management and founders of ExtraTainment have extensive and successful backgrounds in telecommunications and value added services for the wireless industry.

ExtraTainment is the main source for daily cartoon madness, exciting entertainment and crazy animated content. The content created by ExtraTainment is not tied to any language or culture and is truly global in scope. Examples of the company's products are accessible at ExtraTainment's fixed and wireless websites, as well as through the channels of our clients and partners.

ExtraTainment focuses strongly on the mobile wireless market on a global base, delivering services to clients in Europe, USA, Asia Pacific and Japan. ExtraTainment provides illustrated and animated content for all rich media, such as fixed and wireless Internet, mobile devices like WAP, 3G/UMTS, palmtop computers and TV broadcasting. ExtraTainment is the first to deliver this kind of content for mobile devices. Content examples for WAP can be accessed (using a WAP phone) through www.waptoons.com.

The in-house software development group produces the necessary tools and software that ensure the availability of our products on a continuing basis.