The people

CEO / Chief Executive Officer - Chairman
Curt Roth Sr.

Before joining ExtraTainment, Curt Roth was founder, 100% shareholder and President of GSM Information Network (GIN), the world's most successful Value Added Services Service Provider for Digital Mobile Networks with over 14 Digital Mobile Phone Operators world-wide, including clients in Europe, Japan and the USA. GIN (founded in the "early digital mobile network year" 1993) was one of the few companies showing a high profit margin on the delivery of Value Added Services to mobile networks. Curt Roth sold his company to American giants Infospace in 1999.

Curt Roth has a long track record in digital telecommunications. In 1973, while at Kalle Infotec (a subsidiary of Hoechst), he introduced the first digital facsimile machines to Europe. In 1980 he founded Aster Computer, one of the first European computer manufacturers. In 1986 he founded the Dutch-based ComNet, Netherlands largest Videotex system network with over 80.000 subscribers and their own local-access network, a predecessor to the Internet.

He is also on the board of directors and shareholder at MTDS Oy, a Finnish company providing digital communications products to the mobile communications market. MTDS Oy's clients include Philips, LG Electronics, Casio and Hewlett Packard. He is chairman and main shareholder of Sky Venture Capital b.v., a Dutch-based Venture Capital firm, funded by private investors and the wireless industry, investing mainly in Mobile Internet start-ups.

COO / Chief Operating Officer, Founder and Creative Director
Hubert Roth

Hubert Roth is founder and creative director of ExtraTainment. As COO, his responsibilities include overall management and artistic direction at ExtraTainment.

Hubert Roth worked as sales manager and creative director for GIN/GSM Information Network, soon moving on to supervising the company's graphic design matters. He also worked as key animator and concept developer. As the founder of, the forerunner of ExtraTainment, he was nominated for the Cool Site of the Year Awards 2000 in New York. In addition Roth co-founded (with Tom Mes) the cult film and life style e-zine Project A (

CFO / Chief Financial Officer
Onno Buijtenhek

Onno Buijtenhek is in charge of the company's finance department.

Onno Buijtenhek is one of Holland's 700 qualified controllers and holds a degree in treasury. Buijtenhek was CFO at GIN/GSM Information Network, and founded On-Flow Interim Management Agency, whose client portfolio included KPN Multimedia, KPN Telecom, and Planet Internet Holding. He was also CFO at ComNet, the first commercial Videotex network in The Netherlands. He has experience in many successful startups in the data communications and Internet fields.

CPRO / Chief Public Relations Officer
Mijke Niks

As Chief Public Relations Officer, Mijke Niks handles promotion, press contacts and publicity for ExtraTainment.

Holding a degree in Design and Communications, she has an extensive background in public relations and project management. She was public relations manager for a chain of interior design importers, while her project management credits include the Dutch Architecture Institute (NAi) and Bikker Interactive Media/Euro RSCG, one of the largest advertising agencies in The Netherlands.

CTO / Technical Director
Remi Frenay

As Chief Technical Officer, Remi Frenay is responsible for ExtraTainment's server farm and technical communications environment. Frenay has extensive experience in the field of data communication protocols design and implementation at Helsinki-based MTDS Oy and Dutch-based SmartCable.

With his background as project leader for a number of important data communications developments for mobile devices, he now applies his valuable experience to ExtraTainment's product development for WAP and 3G-based content.

Director of scriptwriting and storyboarding
Tom Mes

Tom Mes' main responsibilities include the scriptwriting and storyboard planning for all ExtraTainment cartoons, as well as concept development.

Mes, who holds degrees in Design and Communications, spent years working as a journalist and film critic for magazines such as Impact, Skrien, Blvd, Fangoria and Eastern Heroes. At Bikker Interactive Media and YourNews, Mes was responsible for corporate communications. Mes co-founded the cult film and life style e-zine Project A ( with Hubert Roth and founded the Japan cinema website Midnight Eye (

Chief Concept Developer
Richard van der Ven

Richard van der Ven is in charge of developing and visualizing the company's new entertainment concepts.

Under his pseudonym Cosh, Van der Ven is a highly-regarded illustrator who has worked for magazines including Slam!, Reload, Bassic Groove, Credits and Items. He has created music videos, album cover concepts, illustrations for advertisements and promotional materials.

Animation Director
Rob van Gameren

Rob van Gameren is animation director and oversees the production group for ExtraTainment's cartoons, focusing specifically on characters and movement.

Rob has an impressive background in animation. Working as a concept and storyboard artist for 3D animation studio CoArt, he has been involved with clients ranging from national retailers to multinationals like Corona Beer. Van Gameren worked on Piet Kroon's award winning animated short Dada (1994). He teaches animation at the Academy of Graphic Arts in Breda, Holland, has developed animation workshops for children and his work has been recognized at major exhibitions throughout The Netherlands.

Director of Games Development
Reinier van Velzen

Reinier van Velzen supervises the development and design of ExtraTainment's game concepts. He is also involved in ExtraTainment's graphic design matters, such as the website and promotional materials.

As a graphic designer, Van Velzen has worked on magazines, product packaging and advertisements. He has a strong background in film animation as well as graffiti art. He is the founder of Global Radius ( a website showcasing interactive design.

Graphic Design Co-ordinator
Stefan Tijs

Stefan Tijs is responsible for the co-ordination of ExtraTainment's in-house graphic design matters, including website, merchandise and promotional materials.

Tijs is founder of record label/music magazine Stardumb and graphic design agency Tank 33, which carried the Coca Cola Company, Ericsson and Converse among its client portfolio. He started out as a graffiti artist and soon branched out into designing, editing and publishing his own fanzines and magazines. He founded his own clothing brand Insight and made a series of highly successful designs for various other clothing labels and brands.

Director of Music and Sounds effects
Martin Ruiten

Martin Ruiten's department composes and creates the music and sound effects for all of's cartoons and games.

Ruiten is a qualified audio engineer and multi-instrumentalist, an experienced player of guitar, bass guitar, keyboards, percussion and trumpet. He has performed on stage for many years as a professional guitarist with his band Cheech Wizard, named after a character created by comic book artist Vaughn Bode.

Director Service Delivery
Curt Roth Jr.

Curt Roth Jr. is responsible for ensuring ExtraTainment's services are delivered seamlessly to mobile phone operators and their subscribers around the world. Heading the development team for adapting the cartoon and games content to WAP and 3G devices, Curt plays an important role in bridging the content to other platforms beside the Internet and WAP phones, like Pocket PCs.

After being responsible for consumer services in the food industry in different companies for many years, he made a successful move into services delivery for the mobile phone user last year.

Content Manager
Ilone Brijs

Ilone Brijs co-ordinates the flow of information on the ExtraTainment website, keeping the world up to date with the company's activities, press releases and publicity.

Brijs combines her thorough knowledge of corporate administrative affairs with experience in the fields of information technology, acquisitions and human resource management.

Programming & Implementation Coordinator
Pascal Immerzeel

Pascal Immerzeel oversees the technical implementation of ExtraTainment's games and entertainment, working with PERL, ColdFusion, and specifically SQL and PHP.

Aside from programming, Immerzeel has a background in animation, making him perfectly suited to working with creative entertainment concepts. He has worked as an animator on publicity campaigns for a number of major Dutch companies, including Fokker and Philips.