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10-05-2001 - Internet in Business
Interview with Curt Roth - "CartoonNetwork".
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03-05-2001 - CTW Benelux
"New line of products for ExtraTainment".
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14-03-2001 - Morgunbladid (Newspaper Iceland
Interview with Hubert Roth.

03-2001 - Ondernemend Nederland
"Tekenfilmpjes op je GSM (cartoons on your mobile) - Curt Roth - een 'mobile'Walt Disney?". article in english - article in dutch

27-02-2001 - Telegraaf
article in dutch

01-02-2001 - CTW Benelux
" vergroot bedrijfskapitaal".
article in dutch

02-2001 - Emerce
"Shake in - ExtraTainment".
article in dutch

02-2001 - Planet Magazine
"In your Face".
article in english - article in dutch

01-2001 - Animation Magazine
article in english

12-01-2001 - Animation World Network
"Web animation guide reports - ExtraTainment".
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04-01-2001 - Planet Multimedia
"ExtraTainment versterkt kapitaal".,1114,86_1211_71617,00.html
article in dutch

30-12-2000 - Het Parool (Dutch Newspaper)
"Wappen, wordt het wat?".
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19-12-2000 -
"Recycle Dog nu ook op WAP".
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19-12-2000 -
"Bewegende WAP-cartoons".
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19-12-2000 -
"Geanimeerde content voor WAP op".
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19-12-2000 - METRO
"Animaties voor WAP".
article in dutch

18-12-2000 -
" lanceert strips op de WAP".
article in dutch

12-2000 - Animation Magazine 15 Web Guerrilla Entrepreneurs
"15 Top Guerrilla Web Entrepreneurs".
article in english

11-2000 - Reload
"ExtraTainment voor dagelijks versgemaakte animaties".
article in english - article in dutch

11-2000 -
"Een archief vol gekke en grappige animatiefilmpjes. Kijk bijvoorbeeld eens naar dr. Parkinson die probeert toast te maken".

11-2000 - Animation Magazine
"Internet people on the move".

03-11-2000 - Emerce
"Win een award" (Catch an award).
article in dutch

02-11-2000 - Starters Intermediair
"Digitale Dijenkletsers" (Side-Splitting Bytes).
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02-11-2000 - Kaliber 10000
"f-word of the week - a shitting dog - good clean family fun at ExtraTainment".

01-11-2000 - Animation World Network
"BAFTA Hands Out Its Interactive Awards".
article in english

27-10-2000 - Rotterdams Dagblad
"ExtraTainment grijpt mis bij BAFTA Awards" (ExtraTainment runner-up at BAFTA Awards).
article in english - article in dutch

26-10-2000 - Rotterdams Dagblad
"Rotterdamse website genomineerd voor Britse Award" (Web site from Rotterdam nominated for Britisch Award).
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10-10-2000 - Linkdup
"It's rare to find Flash cartoons that are both well crafted and well written, which is what you'll find on offer here. With new episodes of their toons being spawned daily, there's some real character development going on.".

10-10-2000 - Animation Flash newsletter
"CURT ROTH has been named CEO and chairman of EXTRATAINMENT.COM".
article in english

09-10-2000 - Top Selection MTV
"ExtraTainment in MTV's Top Selection".

04-10-2000 - Cool Site of the Month
" winner of Cool Site of the Month for September 2000 and therefor also nominated for the Cool Site of the Year award 2000".

03-10-2000 - BAFTA Interactive Entertainment Award 2000
"ExtraTainment nominated for the BAFTA interactive entertainment Award 2000".

19-09-2000 - Animation Magazine
"Roth joines".

14-09-2000 - Cool Site of the Month
"ExtraTainment nominated as Cool Site of the Month".

17-08-2000 - Cool Site of the Day
"ExtraTainment selected as Cool Site of the Day".

13-08-2000 - Kaliber 10000
"Barrels of laughs with the Recycle Dog at ExtraTainment - Don't miss the section titled "this weeks F-Word".

07-08-2000 - Planet Multimedia
"Nieuwe dienst Flash-amusement" (New service Flash entertainment),1114,86_1211_44325,00.htm
article in dutch

01-08-2000 -
"Cartoonsite Extragratis gaat heten" (Cartoonsite Extragratis changes it's name into

01-08-2000 - Computable
"ExtraGratis verandert in" (Extragratis changes it's name into
article in dutch

01-08-2000 - WebStyle/Mail
"ExtraGratis verandert in" (Extragratis changes it's name into
article in dutch

11-06-2000 - Clickx Magazine
"Culttoons waarvoor je door je knieŽn gaat" (Cult toons to die for)
article in dutch