Narrow bandwith content

ExtraTainment gives high priority to its content being "narrow-bandwidth". It therefore takes less time to download than other content, not only from the Internet but especially on mobile devices, where bandwidth, translated to download time, plays an important role in customer satisfaction.

ExtraTainment's content can therefore be transmitted even through low to medium speed GSM or GPRS networks, enabling a 3G experience over 2G networks at an early stage without the immediate need for high bandwidth networks.

Along and in parallel with the availability of 3G networks and higher bandwidths, ExtraTainment will offer more and richer content to satisfy customer needs, but always retaining a "narrow bandwidth" nature.

ExtraTainment believes that - even with the availability of 3G high speed mobile networks - utilizing narrow bandwidth for content delivery is extremely important for the final delivery of content to the end-user, while at the same time contributing to a more efficient use of network components and resources.