Internet Content

ExtraTainment cartoons can be licensed for use on websites and portals as well. Keep those visitors coming back by featuring regular editions of Recycle Dog, Dr. Parkinson, The F-Word or a special custom-made cartoon series. ExtraTainment cartoons come in daily, weekly and monthly instalments.

The animated, entertaining content can be delivered in "fixed Internet" format as well as "wireless Internet" format, creating a seamless connection between fixed and wireless.

Cartoons are the ideal image builder, as support to your products and services or as custom-made animated commercials. ExtraTainment 's cartoon series and animations are the ideal way to increase your website's appeal and get your message across in a dynamic and entertaining way. Our animated content is built in Flash with ExtraTainment's Narrow Bandwidth application added. It is wholly original and wholly owned by ExtraTainment. We create and deliver content for fixed and mobile Internet.

See our cartoon in the Cartoon Mayhem