ExtraTainment's narrow-bandwidth based cartoon and animation files can be watched on today's Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), like the Palm device and the Pocket-PC (Windows-CE) devices, even utilizing the 9600 bps GSM transfer rate, while still not being tied to a data channel for a very long time. ExtraTainment introduces 'PocketTainment', a specially designed entertainment website for Pocket PC to be accessed wireless, utilizing extreme narrow bandwith; http://www.pockettainment.com

ExtraTainment collaborates closely with manufacturers of PDA devices and with developers of wireless mobile software, resulting for example in one of the best WAP browsers on the market today, available through ExtraTainment. The WAP Communications Suite product comes with a so-called "soft modem" for Nokia 5110, 6110 and Ericsson 6,7, 8, 10 and 18 series, which completely replaces a PCMCIA-Card. A simple cable connects the Pocket PC device directly to the mobile phone, enabling Internet and WAP.