WAP Content

ExtraTainment's short, entertaining cartoons are perfectly suited to the narrow-band channel of WAP phones, even though they come without sound or color. With WAPtoons, the weekly episodes of Recycle Dog and Dr. Parkinson can be viewed while on the go.

Thanks to their own narrow-band channel properties, ExtraTainment's short cartoons and animated content overcome the present gap between legacy phones and the colourful world wide web. ExtraTainment understands the need for specialized content for WAP and GPRS-based terminals unlike any other company and turns the expectations for "mobile internet" into a reality.

ExtraTainment's development of WAP content includes WAP cartoons, WAP games and WAP animated postcards, which can be "pushed" to the user to form one of the "killer-applications" for the exciting combination of WAP and GPRS. It offers Content Aggregators and Network Operators, but also suppliers of Information Services the chance to present their content in such a way, that it creates "stickyness" and prevents churn. Tune in your WAP phone to www.waptoons.com.

Slideshow WAP adventure "MoQuesto"
See one of our WapToons cartoon