ExtraGratis has become ExtraTainment

The moment you've been waiting for!
If you think our recent silence meant the end of Recycle Dog, you're dead wrong.

IT'S HERE! ExtraGratis.com has become ExtraTainment.com! It's bigger! It's better! It's in your face! And it won't come off!

BACK! From today, Recycle Dog returns with brand new, daily adventures and more turds than ever before! We are proud to present the 'come back' of Recycle Dog after a long break on ExtraTainment.com!

PLUS! Introducing a new weekly edition: The F-Word. Everyone knows what F stands for...

MORE! Games, every month! Help Recycle Dog escape hordes of evil toilet paper in a new all-action game; "Brown Airforce"!

EXTRA! ExtraTain your life with crazy Free Stuff and psycho downloads - screensavers, greetingcards, wallpapers, icon sets, banners & buttons and more!

And there will be more soon.

NOW! Say goodbye to ExtraGratis. Here's ExtraTainment.com!