ExtraTainment moves focus stronger on Mobile Network Industry

Thanks to the overwhelming success of the daily produced cartoons of our characters Recycle Dog, The F-Word and Dr. Parkinson, and the strong demand from our main customers - wireless mobile operators - we will cease to offer the free services of daily cartoons from our entertainment website. At the same time we are concentrating further on creating narrow bandwidth entertainment for the wireless industry, offering "sticky" content to attract new customers and to prevent churn.

Our new-look corporate website presents our new products and services, including demos of GSM/GPRS mobile entertainment content for WAP, Pocket PC and other multimedia enhanced mobile terminals. In the brochure you will find descriptions of the 'narrow bandwith' content.

Our new "of-the-shelves" products and services are:
- SMS based fun-content
- SMS-based picture messaging
- SMS-based (picture based) gaming
- WAP-based streaming cartoons
- WAP-based (picture enhanced) single and multi-user games
- WAP-based, location based games and entertainment
- "2,5G"/3G based content development (games, cartoons, illustrated information)

All ExtraTainment content has been developed utilizing a strong narrow bandwidth concept - a unique ExtraTainment invention - and can therefore be transmitted even over low to medium speed GSM or GPRS networks, enabling 3G "experience" over 2G networks at an early stage without the immediate necessity of the availability of high bandwidth networks.

Along and in parallel with the availability of 3G networks and higher bandwidths, ExtraTainment will offer more and richer content to satisfy customer needs.