ExtraTainment CEO Curt Roth speaks at ALL-IP Mobile Networks

Rotterdam, The Netherlands, November 30 2000



ExtraTainment.com CEO Curt Roth will be appearing at the congress Migrating to All-IP Mobile Networks on Monday the 4th of December in Lisbon, Portugal.
Roth will be speaking on the topic “Meeting the Challenges for a Content Provider of Delivering Services on a Wireless IP Content Delivery Network”.

Roth’s segment contains; examining the opportunities offered by IP to provide streaming media on wireless broadband – is broadband really up to our expectations?
Will the type of content determining typically asked for by the user. Examining the impact of streaming media like cartoons and movies on IP-based networks Identifying time-scales for the roll out of wireless IP content delivery networks. It will be held at 2.00 PM on the 4th of December, on day one of the congress.

The All-IP Mobile Network congress will be held from the 4th until the 6th of December at the Le Meriden Park Atlantic in Lisbon. The goal is meeting the technical challenges & maximising the Commercial Opportunities Resulting from the Merger of IP and Mobility. The event is organized by IIR Telecoms Ltd, London. For more information on All-IP Mobile Network, please visit http://iir-conferences.com/ipmobile

ExtraTainment.com is a BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television Arts) Interactive Entertainment Award nominee. It is the winner of the Cool Site of the Month Award, and has been nominated for the Cool Site of the Year Awards 2000 (http://www.coolsiteoftheday.com).

ExtraTainment.com offers fresh entertainment content on a daily basis. In addition to its own website, the company creates licensed entertainment for other parties. ExtraTainment.com also provides entertainment for mobile devices such as WAP, 3G (UMTS; Universal Mobile Telecommunications System), and palmtop computers.

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