ExtraTainment announces new products and new corporate website

Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 5 April 2001



Dutch entertainment creator ExtraTainment will expand its line of products and services. The Rotterdam-based company is broadening its activities in the area of mobile telecommunications and the creation of content for third party clients. Because of the overwhelming interest from corporate clients for its entertainment products, ExtraTainment will cease to offer their free services of its daily cartoons and will concentrate further on creating products and services for the wireless industry.

ExtraTainment launches today, on Thursday, the 5th of April 2001, its new-look corporate website at http://www.extratainment.com. It will carry expanded information on ExtraTainment's products and services, including demos of mobile entertainment content for WAP, Pocket PC and GPRS. New products include the entertainment website especially designed for Pocket-PC with wireless access, utilizing extreme narrow bandwidth; 'PocketTainment', WAP-based entertainment (games and streaming cartoons), SMS-based gaming, SMS-based picture messaging and ring-tones from ExtraTainment's cartoons.

ExtraTainment recently signed agreements for the development of entertainment concepts with four wireless operators in Europe and Asia Pacific. Some of these agreements will include adapting ExtraTainment's current line of characters and cartoons, including Recycle Dog, The F-Word and Dr. Parkinson, to mobile devices, but new entertainment concepts are also being developed as part of these deals.

In the special 'Cartoon Mayhem' section of the ExtraTainment website, all 312 editions of Recycle Dog, 125 Dr. Parkinsons, 34 F-Words, 8 games, wallpapers, screensavers, post cards and icon sets can be enjoyed free for a limited time at ExtraTainment's entertainment website http://www.extratainment.com/cartoonmayhem.html

You can find ExtraTainment at:
Internet corporate site http://www.extratainment.com
Internet entertainment site: http://www.extratainment.com/cartoonmayhem.html
WAP phones www.waptoons.com
Pocket PC's http://www.pockettainment.com