ExtraTainment partner of GSA Mobile Portal Association

Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 11 April 2001



Dutch entertainment company ExtraTainment has joined the GSA, the Global mobile Suppliers Association. By joining GSA, ExtraTainment contributes their leading knowledge of mobile multimedia entertainment to enable a faster growth and development of the wireless data multimedia entertainment applications market.

About GSA
GSA has a rapidly growing membership that encompasses the total supplier chain for the wireless industry. GSA's mission is to mobilise the world's leading GSM/3G suppliers to extend the benefits of GSM/3G to the people, operators, investors, regulators and national economies globally, and to support operators as they evolve their GSM networks to exploit 3G Multimedia Services. GSA takes a proactive role in ensuring that the GSM/3G supplier industry is better informed for key decision-making. Some of the current membership of GSA comprises for example; Compaq, Ericsson, Hewlett-Packard, Lucent Technologies, Motorola and Nokia. For more information visit http://www.gsacom.com/nvp

About ExtraTainment
ExtraTainment is a BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television Arts) Interactive Entertainment Award nominee. It is the winner of the Cool Site of the Month Award and is nominated for "Cool Site of the Year" Award. ExtraTainment is recognized as one of the world's leading companies for the creation and delivery of mobile multimedia entertainment content.

ExtraTainment offers streaming, narrow bandwidth entertainment content such as cartoons, animations and games to mobile network operators to be delivered on SMS, WAP, 3G (UMTS; Universal Mobile Telecommunications System), Pocket PC’s and Internet based (mobile) terminals. Due to it's narrow bandwidth based multimedia content - a unique invention of ExtraTainment - mobile networks can now offer multimedia content at an early stage without the immediate necessity of the availability of high bandwidth networks like 3G. ExtraTainment's streaming cartoons can be sent over low to medium speed GPRS networks, enabling 3G "experience" over 2G networks. The content of ExtraTainment focusses on a younger audience and is not bound to any language or culture and is therefore extremely suitable for the global mobile market. However ExtraTainment also develivers locally focussed content for local markets in Europe and Asia Pacific.

More information on ExtraTainment is available at:
Internet corporate http://www.extratainment.com
Internet entertainment http://www.extratainment.com/cartoonmayhem.html
WAP phones www.waptoons.com
Pocket PC’s http://www.pockettainment.com

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