Press Release ExtraTainment CEO Curt Roth speaks at Nordic Messaging Stockholm

Rotterdam, The Netherlands, November 01 2001



ExtraTainment CEO Curt Roth will be speaking at the Nordic Messaging conference on Tuesday the 21st of November 2001. The event will be held at the Garnisonen Conference Centre in Stockholm, Sweden.

Roth will be speaking at 13h55 on the second day of the conference. His presentation is entitled "Can Europe copy the Japanese success story?". In this presentation he will answer questions like 'What are the real reasons behind the Japanese success of I-mode?', 'How far away is 3G in reality?' and 'Will messaging services continue to be successful on 2,5 and 3G?'.

The conference will be held on Tuesday the 20th and Wednesday the 21st of November 2001. Besides ExtraTainment, speakers will include Ericsson and Logica Mobile Networks. The event is organized by IBC Euroforum. For more information on the Nordic Messaging conference, please visit the website:

ExtraTainment is recognized as one of the world's leading companies for the creation and delivery of mobile multimedia entertainment content.

ExtraTainment offers streaming, narrow bandwidth entertainment content such as cartoons, animations and games to mobile network operators to be delivered on SMS, WAP, 3G (UMTS; Universal Mobile Telecommunications System), Pocket PCs and internet-based (mobile) terminals. Thanks to its narrow bandwidth-based multimedia content - a unique invention by ExtraTainment - mobile networks can now offer multimedia content at an early stage without the immediate need for high bandwidth networks like 3G. ExtraTainment's streaming cartoons can be sent over low to medium speed GSM and GPRS networks, enabling a 3G experience over 2G networks. The content of ExtraTainment is aimed at a younger audience, is not tied to any language or culture and is therefore extremely suitable for the global mobile market. ExtraTainment also delivers locally focused content for markets in Europe and Asia Pacific.

ExtraTainment is a BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television Arts) Interactive Entertainment Award nominee. It is a winner of the Cool Site of the Month Award and is nominated for the Cool Site of the Year Award.

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