ExtraTainment is Cool Site of the Day

Rotterdam, The Netherlands, August 17 2000



Today, August 17, ExtraTainment.com is Cool Site of the Day! People can vote for ExtraTainment.com all day at: http://www.coolsiteoftheday.com/frmindex.html

ExtraTainment.com is proud to be recognised for the second time by this long-running and prestigious website. It first became Cool Site of the Day in 1999 in its previous incarnation ExtraGratis.com, which went on to become the first ever Dutch website nominated at the Cool Site of the Year awards. These awards were presented in New York City in April of this year.

ExtraTainment.com offers cartoons, games and entertainment such as wallpapers, screensavers, icon sets and greeting cards. The daily adventures of Recycle Dog have been a cult favourite for over a year, receiving recognition from audiences and media all over the world. The weekly cartoon The F-Word has further expanded the appeal of ExtraTainment.com. These and more can be found at: http://www.extratainment.com

About Cool Site of the day, Yahoo Internet Life said "...the original and still the best, Cool Site of the Day is more than a mere list of links. It is required daily reading for anyone interested in keeping up with what's happening on the Web." Register-It.com calls it "...one of the best award sites on the web. It also happens to be the original 'Cool Site of the Day.'"

ExtraTainment.com has an advantage over many creators of on-line entertainment, as it offers fresh entertainment content on a daily basis. In addition to the ExtraTainment.com website, the company will also create licensed entertainment for other parties. Entertainment plays a major role in tying consumers to a portal or website. Cartoons, games and free downloads keep visitors coming back. In addition to the web, the company also provides entertainment for mobile devices such as WAP, 3G (UMTS; Universal Mobile Telecommunications System), and palmtop computers.

Note to the editor:
For examples and downloads of ExtraTainment.com cartoons, logos and banners, go to: http://www.extratainment.com/pressimages.html

For more information please contact Public Relations Officer Ms. Mijke Niks on +31 (0)10 4390200 or e-mail mijke@extratainment.com.