CEO Curt Roth joines ExtraTainment

Rotterdam, The Netherlands, September 15 2000



Curt Roth (54) has accepted the position of CEO and Chairman of the Board of is a content creator focusing on short cartoons, funny and controversial content for the Internet, WAP and 3rd Generation mobile phones.

Before joining, Curt Roth was founder and President of GSM Information Network (GIN), the world's most successful Service Provider, supplying information services to over 14 Digital Mobile Phone Operators world-wide, including clients in Europe, Japan and the USA. GIN was one of the few companies in this new and exciting space making a real and interesting profit. Curt Roth - owning 100% of the shares - sold his company to American’s leading content Integrator and provider to main portals Infospace in 1999.

He has a long track record in digital telecommunications. In 1973, while at Kalle Infotec, he introduced the first digital facsimile machines to Europe. In 1980 he founded Aster Computer, one of the first European computer manufacturers. In 1986 he founded the Dutch-based ComNet, a predecessor to the Internet, which company was integrated into Videotex Netherlands in 1990. Videotex Netherland’s main investor was the Dutch Telephone Operator KPN.

He is also on the board of directors and shareholder at MTDS Oy, a Finnish company providing digital communications products to the mobile communications market. MTDS Oy's clients include Philips, LG Electronics, Casio and Hewlett Packard. He is Chairman and main shareholder of Sky Beheer b.v., a Dutch based Venture Capital firm, funded by private investors, investing mainly in Internet start ups.

Together with his son Hubert Roth (27), founder and COO of, they form the perfect team of Hubert Roth has a substantial creative background as key animator, concept developer, cartoonist, web designer and graphic designer.
Roth says about; “I am confident that this company will become a stunning success and has all the ingredients available to become a world player within a short time”.

On the 18th and 19th of September Roth is speaking as CEO and Chairman of at the ICM Content Delivery Conference ( about the topic “Cartoons as streaming media on WAP Phones” in London. At the ICM Content Delivery Conference he is chairman and discussion leader of the congress.

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