ExtraTainment offers a range of wacky and entertaining cartoon characters in their own on-going series. These characters can be licensed for use, syndicated, or adapted to form part of for instance an ad campaign. Cartoons are the perfect image builders, which is why ExtraTainment can also create tailor-made characters and cartoons.

All our characters and their animated cartoon adventures are created in-house by our team of writers, artists, animators, and music and sound effects creators.

Recycle Dog

This happy-go-lucky dog is forever fascinated by his own excrement. Playing with his own turds is his life's passion. And it shows! Nothing is smelly enough for Recycle Dog
Join Recycle Dog and his smelly brown friends at Cartoon Mayhem

Dr. Parkinson

Meet Dr. Parkinson, the shaky surgeon whose attempts to do good end in disaster and destruction. His trembling hands are a danger to himself, and sometimes even to the rest of the world.
Dr. Parkinson's shivery shows can be viewed in Cartoon Mayhem

The F-Word

Educational and fun, The F-Word explores the hidden depths of the English language. He is on a quest to discover the true meaning of f-words like Fly, Foetus or Frankenstein, experiencing them first hand with disastrous results.
Head for Cartoon mayhem to see the misadventures of The F-Word.

Flow Charles

Charismatic anchor man Flow Charles will bring you the latest stock updates and news, straight from the world's financial capitols. Flow Charles can be customised to bring exactly the news and stock quotes you wish to know.

See Flow Charles' impeccable presentation skills in action.

Custom-made cartoons

In addition to our own characters, ExtraTainment can also create brand new cartoon characters to suit your needs. Examples of our custom designed cartoons include hapless super hero Captain Bitman and his side kick Login, who don't fight crime but bugs and viruses. Electronic ones, that is. They're the heroes of the information age!

Captain Bitman in Bubble Gum