The Invasion of the Mobile Games
ExtraTainment presents the next step in mobile communications: exciting games that turn regular GSM, I-mode, WAP-compliant or 3G devices into interactive entertainment machines. Brought to you by award-winning content creators ExtraTainment, these games are the ideal method of avoiding churn: a unique mobile entertainment concept that will set your network apart!

How are the games played?
ExtraTainment's mobile games can be played on GSM devices capable of sending and receiving SMS messages, WAP-compliant mobile phones, I-mode and 3G devices. Players need to register as users before joining the game.Bot

What are the benefits for you as network operator?
The gameplay is message-based. Contestants play the game by sending attack and defense messages through SMS, WAP, I-mode or 3G. In addition to the basic gameplay, the games are further enhanced with pictures, status screens and animations, all sent and received by the players through their mobile devices. The result for you will be a notable increase in SMS and message traffic on a continuing basis.

In addition, the competitive multi-player aspects of the games ensure long-term user commitment. As a result of their scores, players progress through the various levels of the game, which keeps the game challenging and attractive. A series of interesting extra features, such as wallpapers and operator logos, create additional stickiness. Furthermore, all games are supported by an official .com website, which serves as the home base for the community of players. The site unites the players into a gaming community to which they actively contribute, creating interaction between the players and the game, as well as between the players themselves. Players are also actively encouraged to find new contestants. For each new player they bring to the game, they are rewarded with extra points. For you as network operator, this combines into a unique way of creating long-term customer loyalty.

The games can be played by an unlimited number of contestants, meaning that they are open to all your network customers. They are completely accessible from all different platforms - including SMS, Picture SMS, WAP, I-mode and 3G - and can be played between users of all these platforms. This means all your network customers, no matter which format they use, are potential game players. No one is excluded. With such cross-platform coverage, ExtraTainment's mobile games hold an unmistakable appeal to your existing users and serve as a major selling point in attracting new customers.

Versatile technology
The technology behind ExtraTainment's mobile games has been designed to be as versatile as possible. The software can be implemented into existing systems without the need for any special modifications or enhancements.

ExtraTainment's mobile games run on Unix. Linux and NT versions are also possible. The accompanying websites can either be hosted by your servers or by the servers of ExtraTainment.

Support and maintenance
The games and websites have been built to allow you easy access for maintenance and updates. However, ExtraTainment can offer full technical support and maintenance depending on your wishes.

The benefits of ExtraTainment's mobile games for you as network operator:
Offer an exciting new service to your customers
Increase SMS and message traffic
Increase customer loyalty
Avoid churn
Easy to implement
Runs on any platform, including Unix, Linux, NT
Easy to maintain
Full technical support

The games
ExtraTainment's mobile games combine action, strategy and excitement into a multi-player, cross-platform experience.

Android Battle
Who will rule the solar system? Eight destructive fighting machines have risen to defend the honour of their planets in the greatest struggle ever waged: Android Battle. It's machine versus machine and when the smoke clears, only one will be left standing! Android Battle is a multi-player game in which contestants battle each other in the shape of giant robots.

Mobile World Cup
The world championships await you. Lead your football team to world cup victory, as you take the position of manager of the national squad. Play the world championships on your mobile phone. Choose your team, decide your strategies, play your way into the finals and on to world cup glory!

the Booze Connection
Take cover! In the urban gangland of the 1930s, the underworld is fighting to control the city's illegal liquor trade. With just the right combination of brains and brawl, you might become the king of crime. But the police are hot on your trail. And watch out for those tommyguns!

Challenge of the Knights
The greatest warriors of the land have gathered in the king's court. They have come to take part in a tournament that will test them to the limits of their skills. These knights fight for honour, justice, fortune or revenge. Strap on your harness, pick up your sword and get ready to join them!